Soul Wounds

Several years ago, I met someone that told me about soul wounds…or wounds on the soul. The thought of that made me chuckle a bit. Wounds on the soul? It sounded ridiculous to me. After I had that conversation with that person, I went home thinking about idea that wounds on the soul exist. That … More Soul Wounds


How do you live your life when the person and/or people that broke you will never understand they hurt you? How can a human being continue existing knowing that the person that destroyed their soul will never admit their wrong doings? How can life continue for a person whose abuser is a narcistic self supremacist … More Scribbles

Today’s Quote

For most people, life is not a fairytale. Always remember that there is light at the end of every tunnel. It’s just that some tunnels are longer than others.

The Pact (Short Story)

A short story about two best friends, Liluba and Nchimunya, who navigate the dating world in hopes to find love. CHAPTER ONE “Hey Nchimunya. I am already at the restaurant. Where are you?” Liluba asked.“I am just looking for parking space. I will be right there.” Nchimunya answered. Liluba and Nchimunya were best friends. They … More The Pact (Short Story)

You Will Never Look At A Coconut Tree The Same After Reading This

I took a walk with my sister and my mum the other day. When we came across several coconut trees, she told us that they were left by our ancestors many years ago when they were slaves. Our ancestors would eat coconuts and other fruits while on long journeys or as they were being taken … More You Will Never Look At A Coconut Tree The Same After Reading This

Not Today

Who do you go to when you’re numb? Like, you know what and/or how you are feeling but you don’t know how to express yourself. What is that called? What is it called when you feel stuck in a deep, endless black hole? I need to know so that I can use that word or … More Not Today

It Is Here…

It is finally here I’ve been praying against this day for years but alas it is upon me How I wish I hadn’t listened to my gut. Why did I go through his phone? If I hadn’t done that, I would still be the happy woman who thinks her significant other only loves her. But … More It Is Here…