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Product Review: Kuza naturals 100% African Black soap with Shea butter and tea tree

Product brand: Kuza

Product name: Kuza naturals 100% African black soap(with Shea butter and tee trea)

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Shea butter, cocoa pod ash, water, tea tree essential oil.

Weight: 114g

Price: K50

Picture from instacart.com

Black soap has been a beauty secret for many years now. It is made with ingredients that moisturize the skin, clear dark spots and marks and also make the skin look more radiant.

I started using black soap about two years ago. I started with a different brand (not Kuza). It seemed to clear the dark spots I had on my face but it made my skin dry. I decided to switch to a different brand to see how my skin would react. I did this with fear because as I have mentioned before, I have extremely sensitive skin.

Two months ago, i went looking for different types of black soap, I stumbled upon the range that Kuza has. I opted for the one with Shea butter and tea tree because of the benefits that both these major ingredients have.

I started seeing results after two weeks of using it. I have been using it for two months now and here are the benefits I have experienced:

•It helps reduce black spots, dark marks and sun burn.

•It moisturises the skin.

•Because it reduces spots and dark marks, it makes the skin more radiant and bright.

•It helps to make your skin feel and look soft.

How to use it

The soap may have some small hard particles. Because of this, I suggest you rub it on your hands or a face towel then proceed with cleansing rather than rub the soap against your skin.

I use the soap twice a day; in the morning and evening.

Here are my pro’s and Con’s for this particular product.


•It lasts long. I use one bar for about one month and sometimes even more.

•It barely has a scent (this is according to me).

•It easily washes off.

•It helps to thoroughly cleanse the skin.


•Be careful when washing your face. It stings when it enters the eyes.

•It may leave a mess in your bathroom due to its brown/black colour. Just clean up afterwards.

•For females, please don’t use the soap on your perineum or anywhere near it. It is not meant for that area.

Tell me about your experience when you try it❤.

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Still you i want

Cheza and Celine have been married for five years. They live in Lusaka. Cheza is a manager at a grocery store. Celine is a lecturer at a college.

Their marriage is falling apart. After Celine slaps Cheza with divorce papers, he realises he wants to save the marriage.
Celine’s coworker who has had a crush on her for a long time becomes obsessed with her and kidnaps her. Will there be a happily ever after?


At 6pm, Cheza was still in his office. He had papers spread all over his desk. He wasn’t a workaholic. He was just a man that had become too devoted to his job. To the onlookers, Cheza seemed to be living a happy life. He was a manager at a leading grocery store, he owned an expensive a car and he lived in a nice house in a very luxurious neighbourhood. All these things made people believe he was one of the luckiest people around. However, everyone around him agreed that the best gift God had ever given him was his wife, Celine. Celine was a beautiful woman. She always stood out in a crowd. She had the most beautiful features. Angels must have carved her face because everything was designed to perfection, she was heavy in all the right areas and to show off even more, God blessed her with skin that seemed to glow all the time. As soon as she acquired a masters degree in Psychology she began working as a lecturer at a college. The phrase “beauty and brains” was invented for women like her. So why then, was a man with such an amazing wife still in his office at 6pm on a lovely Wednesday evening?

Cheza looked around his office and decided to pack up and head home. He could only do so much to keep his mind focused on what he was working on. He packed up the papers he spent hours looking at, grabbed his jacket and locked his door. The security guard on night duty expressed sadness upon seeing Cheza leaving. Usually, Cheza leaves the office around 7pm.

“Sorry Mulenga, looks like we won’t have our usual talk in the kitchen over a cup of tea tonight.” Cheza said as he handed him the keys.
“And I was looking forward to that tonight. I wanted to give you an update on the soccer game that I went to yesterday. Our team won.”
“Oh wow. Save it for tomorrow. We need to celebrate this long awaited victory.”

The two men shook hands and said their goodbyes. Theirs was a special yet odd friendship. It was coincidental. They started conversing when Cheza started staying late at work. One would say they were from different worlds looking at their educational backgrounds and qualifications. But love knows no colour or status.

The drive home was draining for Cheza. He knew exactly what he was going home to. A secret he never really told anyone. His marriage was falling apart. Celine was the love of his life, the woman he prayed for and got way more than he asked for. He adored her with everything in him. However, after five years of being married, things seemed to be falling apart. His relationship with Celine seemed to be getting worse by the day. Sometimes he wondered if they were too quick in deciding to get married. He wondered if they should have waited just a little bit more so they could get to know each other and grow. He was 26 and Celine was 25 when they got married. Everything was all rosy until it seemed that the roses had begun to wither and die.

Cheza reached at the same time Celine got home. They drove into the yard together and parked side by side. Celine got out of her car first and went to the backseat where she had put her handbag and groceries she had bought. Cheza got out of his car and went to give her a hand.
“You don’t help me with my bags when I come home. What has gotten into you?”
“Can’t a man help his wife in peace? I just want to help you Celine.”
She looked at him and shrugged. He hadn’t been that nice to her in a long time.
“Well, how are you? How was your day? I last spoke to you yesterday in the morning.” Cheza said as the two walked to the house.
“That is because you got home at 9pm and I was sleeping.”
“Celine, I am sorry. I got caught up with work and lost track of time.”
“You know what, at this point, I don’t really care. You continue doing whatever it is you want to do.”
“Oh. So you are going to walk around like you are the perfect one here? When was the last time you made an effort to at least check up on me, talk like we used to or simply just spend time together doing nothing? You are always busy and always uptight about something I didn’t do right.”
“Cheza! I have been trying but you are not the easiest person to deal with.”
Cheza opened the door and the two walked to the kitchen to unpack the grocery bags.
“You don’t do anything to help save this marriage. All you do is complain about silly things.”
Celine looked straight into Cheza’s eyes and looked visibly upset.
“Silly things? A wife complaining about her husband coming home late at night is silly? A wife complaining about her husband receiving calls from his secretary at midnight is silly?”
“Here we go again about my secretary. That only happened once and you know it was an emergency.”
“When did you become a doctor? What kind of emergency was it? The store grew legs and ran away?”
“You know what Celine, I am too tired to deal with you. I am going to bed. Goodnight.”
“That is the only thing you know how to do…walking away. Go ahead. Go to the room that was once our matrimonial bedroom.”
“Celine! You decided to move to another room. You are not going to blame me for that. You clearly have been having the best time of your life these past three months in your own room.” Cheza turned around and walked up to Celine.
“You are right. It was my choice to move to the other room. You seem not to want me back in our bedroom so I guess I made the right choice.”
“The right choice? Leaving your husband and moving to a separate room was the right choice. You know what, Celine, if you don’t want to be married to me anymore then maybe we should just get a divorce. I don’t have a wife anymore. I have roommate who hates everything I do.”

Celine looked at Cheza. Her husband finally brought up the ‘D’ word. She thought she would act strong and tough the day he would say that but the only thing she felt was deep sadness within her soul. This was her husband. The man who she once thought was the man of her dreams. The man she once loved to death. Realistically speaking, she still loved him. The universe however, seemed to hate the idea of them together. They were growing apart each day that passed. Fought about the smallest issues.
“Cheza, I am so glad you brought that up. I went to collect our divorce papers today. I have signed them already. You just have to complete your part and this mistake that we both made will be over.”
Cheza stared at his wife for seconds before he could speak.
“You…went to collect divorce papers? Celine…why didn’t you tell me?” He said in shock.
“You should be happy. I will be out of your life for good.”

Cheza didn’t want to say a word to her. He walked away. He was in complete shock He went to the bedroom he once shared with her and sat on the bed. “She wants a divorce.” He said to himself. He didn’t mean what he said about the two of them getting a divorce. He knew things between them were bad but he was somehow hopeful they would sort out their differences. As he was deep in thought about what his wife had just said to him, she knocked on the door. He went to open the door and found her with the papers in her hands. She was really serious.
“You don’t have to knock, Celine.”
“I have to. This is no longer my room, remember? Here are the papers. Please give them to me once you sign them. I plan on moving out in a month.” She handed him the papers and walked away. Cheza closed the door and went straight into his bed. He hadn’t cried in a long time but this crushed his soul. Tears couldn’t stop running down his face.


The following day, Celine was the first to head out. She had no intention of speaking to Cheza so she just rushed out earlier than usual. She reached her office and found her workmate Charles sitting in the office they shared with one other lecturer.
“Charles, what are you doing here so early?”
“I should be asking you the same question.”
Celine put her handbag on her table and sat down. “I had the worst night last night.”
“Is that why your eyes are puffy? What’s wrong? Please don’t tell me you were crying the whole night?”
“I wasn’t. I stopped around 4am.” She joked.
“We have almost two hours until people start showing up. I am all ears. What is going on? Are you okay? Is it Cheza? He came home late again?”
“I am getting a divorce.” She said as she started crying. “I am sorry. I am a mess.”
“We have been friends for a long time. You don’t have to apologize. Come here.” He leaned over and held her really close to him. “You know I am always here for you?” This statement was true because he was the only one that Celine openly talked to about her marriage and how it was falling apart. Charles had been a good friend to her. He listened to her when she needed someone to talk to, he always assured her that Cheza was so dumb because he couldn’t see how amazing his wife was.
“Look, Celine, I always tell you how lucky that guy is to have been gifted with such a beautiful wife. Had I met you before you guys got married I would have cuffed you first. You are an amazing woman. Maybe this will be for the best.”
“You really think I am a great catch?” she asked as she wiped her tears.

Charles started fixing her hair and looked straight into her eyes. “I always tell you that. You are the most amazing woman I have ever met. I would be the happiest man in the world if I were to have you in my life. There are days when I come to work just to look at you smile. Damn I think I have even developed feelings for you. We have worked together in this office for two years and it has been the best experience in my life.” He said as he held her hand.
“Really? You mean that?”
“Of course I do.” He looked at her deep in her eyes. He leaned towards her and kissed her. She didn’t seem to care for a couple of seconds because she kissed him back. She pulled away as soon as she got back to her senses.
“I am sorry Celine. I jump right onto your lips the moment I hear you are getting a divorce.”
“It’s not entirely your fault. I am very vulnerable right now. I just haven’t heard anyone speak of me the way you just did. It made me feel good…and loved. I haven’t felt that in a long time. Let’s just pretend this never happened.”
“I agree. But I meant what I said about me having feelings for you. I know I chose the worst time to tell you but I am glad I told you.”

Celine pulled her hands away and excused herself. She went to the bathroom to think about what just happened. She just kissed her coworker and friend who just admitted to having feelings for her. As she was fixing her make-up, Cheza called. She stared at the phone and decided to not answer. She continued with fixing her lipstick until Cheza called again.
“Cheza, what do you want.”
“I am in your office. Where are you?”
“What are you doing in my office? Are you crazy?”
“I want to talk to you…please.”
“I am coming. Not to talk to you but to drag you out if I have to.”
She went to her office and he really was there. Charles was seated next to him with his arms crossed clearly unhappy with Cheza’s visit especially since he just had the opportunity to kiss the woman he has had a crush on for a long time.
“Can I please talk to you outside?”

She walked out and he followed her leaving Charles furious. They went to the carpark where Celine turned and looked at Cheza with her arms crossed waiting for him to speak.
“Celine, I know I have not been the best husband of late. I have let you down in so many ways. I have given you reasons to doubt me. I admit I have failed you as a husband. I know you don’t want anything to do with me right now but hear me out. I love you. I do not see myself with any other woman apart from you. I was up all night crying and praying to God to save my marriage. I am not ready to give up on this, on us. I want to be with you. I am willing to fight for both of us if you just give me another chance to prove to you how much I love you.”
“Unfortunately, you are too late. Where were you when I needed you to say those words? Where were you when I need you to fight for our marriage with me? You were gone, Cheza. You were gone! You just seemed to not want me around you. I am done with this. I am done with this marriage. I have made up my mind.”
“Baby you are not leaving me. You are my wife. The woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. I am willing to take the blame for how our lives have turned out, this marriage, just don’t leave me. I will work hard, I promise you.”
“You are a little too late.” Celine said while sobbing. “It’s over.”
Cheza held her in his arms as he too started getting emotional.” Let me do all the work. Please. I love you. I want to be with you. I want to be the father of your children.”
Celine pulled away after he said that. “And you think this is how I wanted this to turn out? I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with you. I thought we would live happily ever after simply because we had each other. Look how we turned out…a mess.”
“Let me fix this mess. Let me fix this mess.” He said repeatedly.
“I am going back to my office.” she turned and started walking away but he stopped her by going in front of her. She started screaming at him until they heard a familiar voice.
“She said she doesn’t want to talk to you. Let her go.” It was Charles. The last thing Celine needed right now was the man she just kissed to intervene in her unfortunate encounter with Cheza.
“Stay out of this Charles.” Cheza said.
“Leave her alone. She doesn’t love you anymore. It’s over. You had your chance now leave.”
“And who are you to talk to me like that?”
“The man that might take care of your woman better than you did.”
“Celine, what is this man talking about? Pump some sense into him before I do.” Cheza said as he pointed at Charles.
“Charles, I’ll find you in the office. Please just let me handle this situation.”
“Are you sure? This punk needs to know his time is up. He clearly doesn’t know how to please his woman.”
Cheza walked up to Charles ready for a fist fight.
“Watch your mouth boy!” He said angrily. “I don’t care that you work with my wife. I will rearrange your face. Keep my business and my wife out of your mouth.”
“It’s too late Cheza. I can’t keep her out of my mouth. She was just there thirty minutes ago. That’s right. I kissed her.”
“Celine, are you having an affair with him?”
“Oh my gosh. No. I am not. The kiss…it was just once…today when I was telling him about the divorce. I was just vulnerable. It meant nothing.” She said as she looked at Charles with tears in her eyes disappointed that he had to tell Cheza in such a manner.
“Well, that kiss meant something to me. Plus, Celine, you kissed me back. We had a moment.” Charles said.
“Charles please. Drop it!” she screamed.

Cheza couldn’t hear any more of it and hit Charles on his face. In a blink of an eye the two men were exchanging fists.
“Please stop! Both of you!” Celine screamed. She called for the guard to help her break the two men apart. The guard came rushing and managed to separate them.
“Don’t ever go near my wife again!” Cheza said.
“You have lost her pal. Accept it.” Charles said.
Cheza went towards Celine, kissed her forehead and told her he would see her at home and drove off.

“Charles, why did you say that? She asked.
“I love you. We shared a very special kiss. It meant something. You can’t deny that.”
“Charles, I was vulnerable. I don’t like you like that. You have been a great friend to me but that is how far I think of you.”
“Celine, forget your husband. I am the one you should be with.”
“Charles, I am sorry but I do not feel the same way.” She walked away leaving him standing, watching her rush inside to the bathroom.

The day was long for Celine. She tried by all means to stay away from the office where she knew Charles would be. When it was finally time to knock off, she went to the office to get her bag and head home. Luckily she did not find Charles. She was interrupted by students who wanted to leave their assignments before leaving. Unfortunately for her, Charles walked in as she was talking to them. He sat down and waited for them to leave.
“I know you have been avoiding me. I know how hard working together will be from now on.”
“I honestly don’t know how I will continue seeing you every day and being in the same office with you. Right now though, I just want to go home.” She said as she grabbed her bag and stood up.
“Go home? To that bastard?”
“Charles, I know I have said bad things about Cheza but you will not disrespect him like that. That man has been good to me. We may have our differences and have failed to stay married but that doesn’t mean he is a bad person. I’ll see you tomorrow because now I have a headache.” She left him calling after her in the office.

Celine reached home around 6pm and Cheza’s car was already parked in the driveway. She went inside the house with no intention of looking for him or speaking to him. She went straight to her room where she intended on staying until morning.


Cheza was wide awake at 2:30am. He couldn’t sleep. His life was falling apart. He decided to get a glass of water to perhaps cool himself down. As he passed Celine’s room on his way to the kitchen, he heard her sobbing.
“Celine, are you okay? Can I come in?”
“No. please just leave me alone.” She responded.
Cheza walked in anyway and found her on the bed. Her eyes were almost swollen shut due to crying.
“Hey, talk me baby.” He said as he sat down next to her.
She started crying even more and threw herself in his arms. “I never wanted this to happen. I thought we would end up together.”
“We still can end up together and we will.” Cheza said.
“You think so? It’s not too late to try and save our marriage?”
“No. it’s not. I love you and I want this to work.” He said looking deep into her eyes while holding her cheek.
“I love you too Cheza. I am sorry for being such a horrible wife. I just didn’t understand why we were growing apart and so I blamed myself. I thought you were not attracted to me anymore and you fell out of love with me.”
“That is far from being true. Even in our old age I’ll still think of you as a sexy thick chick.” They both laughed. “Can we make this work, please.” He said.
“I think we can.”
The two hugged each other tightly and broke the hug with a kiss they had not shared for three months.
“Will I have my wife back in our bedroom in our bed from now on? He asked her.
“I think your wife would be delighted to join you.” She said.
“But, were you telling the truth about Charles? Were you having an affair?
“I am so sorry. It was just a stupid kiss. He caught me unaware and in my most vulnerable state. It meant nothing.”
“Good. Because next time I see him, I will rearrange his face even more.”
Celine laughed. The two went to their bedroom where they hadn’t been together since Celine moved her things out.

Cheza and Celine slept until noon. Both of them called their supervisors and told them they were unable to go for work. Bad news spreads fast and it seemed they were the talk of their work places. Both their supervisors understood why they couldn’t make it. Cheza woke up first to pick up food that he ordered. He went outside the gate and paid the driver. As he walked into the house, he noticed an envelope on the doorstep. He picked it up and was shocked to see it was addressed to Celine. He put it in his back pocket and went to the kitchen to dish the food. Celine joined him after short while. He gave her the letter and she opened it. She read with her jaw dropped.
“Where did you find this?”
“What does it say? I found it on the doorstep. Who is it from?”
She handed him the letter and he was furious.

To my eternal love,
I am still thrilled that we let each other know how we feel about each other yesterday. You are mine, finally. For two years I have watched you live with someone who I feel does not deserve you. I do. We can now be together, finally. I am glad you decided to leave him. Now we can be a couple.
You will be happy to know that I quit my job. You said it would be awkward for us to continue working together. I decided to make this sacrifice for our love. We can now work on our relationship without any obstacles.
I hope you don’t mind that I dropped by to leave this letter on your doorstep. Don’t ask me how I did it. I will always find my way to you. ALWAYS.

Love, Charles.

“Is this dude okay? He must be mentally challenged. How did he even get in our yard? We have a remote controlled gate and the wall fence is way too high climb plus it has razor wires. Are you sure you didn’t sleep with him Celine?” Cheza threw the letter on the table.
“I didn’t sleep with him! He started acting this weird yesterday after I told him about the divorce. That is when he started expressing his love for me.”
“Oh really? Then why does he seem obsessed with you? He is stalking you now? You do realise he broke into our yard?”
“Cheza I know. I am just as confused as you are. I don’t know how he got in here or why he is acting like this. You know what, let me give him a call. This better be some sort of prank because he is freaking me out.” She dialed his number immediately.
“Hey. I’ve been waiting for you to call me.”
“Charles. What do you think you are doing?” she said angrily.
“Oh. You have seen my letter. It’s from the heart.”
“How did you even get in the yard?”
“I have my ways. Although, I have a concern. I saw you sleeping in the same bed as Cheza. I don’t like that. You told me you sleep in a separate room so I don’t understand why you were naked in his bed.”
“Charles. I will go to the police right now because you are a creep. That is my husband. I have decided to fight for my marriage so you better get this idea of us being a couple out of your head.”
“You don’t mean that. You don’t love him.”
“I just told you I’m staying with him! You better leave me alone Charles. Don’t mess with me, creep.” She hang up. Why was Charles behaving like that? She wondered if she had missed any signs of him being obsessed with her.

“We are going to the police station right now. I will have the right to kill him for trespassing next time he pulls a stunt like this.” Cheza said. He was fuming. He was not going to let his wife’s lunatic workmate destroy the marriage he started rebuilding barely a day ago.

They reported the matter to the police station and returned home afterwards. Celine was confused. Why would her friend go that far? Even if he had feelings for her, trespassing was a bit too mental hospital-ish.
The next few days, Celine looked for Charles wherever she was. She felt a sense of relief every time she declared wherever she was Charles free. This feeling faded when she went home from work one night and found a note stuck to the door:

Stop sleeping with him. I saw you last night. Consider this my only warning. We belong together. Come back to me.

She felt sick to her stomach. She called Cheza and he assured her he would be there in a few minutes. When he got there, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Charles had guts! They went to the police station again where they were now told that they would pay Charles a visit to give him his first warning.

Unfortunately for Celine and Cheza, Charles was willing to stop at nothing to win Celine over. He left flowers at the house and in her office. He left her letters and chocolates at her desk every now and then. Celine realized she was in big trouble. The police officers also hit a dead end when they were going to arrest Charles for harassment and found his apartment empty with no trace of him. Celine thought she would finally rest because Charles seemed to have given up and gone somewhere else. However, two days after discovering Charles packed up his bags, the notes, flowers, letters and chocolates continued coming. Cheza had enough of him. He swore he would catch him and skin him alive.

One evening, around 5pm when Celine knocked off from work, she opened the gate to their home and found a surprise in the yard. It was Charles. She felt sick. What was he going to do to her?
“I have been waiting for you for a while now.”
“What do you want Charles? You are ruining my life.”
“Isn’t it obvious? I want you.”
“Charles, I have told you countless times. I do not think of you that way. I love my husband and I am staying with him.”
“But we kissed. We shared a moment.” He started moving towards her.
“Charles that kiss meant nothing.”
“What about all the dates we have had?”
“Those weren’t dates. We would go out to get food together while at work. Those were definitely not dates.”
“Be with me. Let’s run away together.”
“Charles, you need to leave.”
“I am not leaving without you.”
“Charles! Leave! My husband will be here any minute. I don’t want him to find you here.”
“I didn’t think I would actually do this but you live me no choice.” He reached for something in his pocket that looked familiar to Celine but she hoped with everything in her it was not what she thought it was. It was a gun. He pulled it out and pointed it at her.
“I will ask you one last time. Be with me. Be mine. Let’s run away together.”
“Charles, please. Don’t do this. Why? Why are you doing this?” Celine said with tears in her eyes.
“We are going to go outside. You will get in my car and we will go far away to start our life together.”
“You can’t force someone to love you. You will find someone. It’s just not me.”
Charles grabbed Celine’s hand and started dragging her to his car. “I gave you a choice. This is what happens when you make me mad.”
Celine started screaming for help. Charles covered her mouth and told her to shut up. He shoved her in his car and told her not to move otherwise he would shoot her. He got in the driver’s seat and started the car. He looked in his mirror and saw Cheza’s car pull up behind him. Cheza got out of his car as soon as he realized the car parked in front of the house was Charles’ car. He saw Celine screaming for help in the backseat and sprinted towards the car. Charles drove off in a heartbeat upon seeing Cheza running towards him.

Cheza went back to his car and started chasing after the car. He dialed the police station landline but no one answered. He kept on calling until someone answered.
“Come here quick! This bastard has my wife! He is driving off with her!”
The policemen assured Cheza they were going to be there as soon as possible. Cheza also assured them they would find Charles dead if they didn’t show up in the next few minutes.

The chase was fast and animated. Cheza tried by all means to catch up with them but the evening traffic in Lusaka could not allow him. In a blink of an eye, he lost the car. He lost the car where his wife was being held hostage by her psycho co-worker. He was shattered. He uttered curse words in the middle of the road and screamed with rage. The police officers arrived with sirens and made a scene. Cheza looked at them and shouted at them.
“What took you so long?! That bastard has gone with my wife!”
“There was no vehicle available the time you called. Once we found a vehicle, we had to navigate traffic. We will still go round to check for any leads.”
Cheza was frustrated. He stood in the middle of the road confused, worried, scared and angry. He later got into his car and started driving to the police station. Even though he was going there, he was determined to find his wife with or without their help and when he laid his hands on Charles, he was going to rip his head off.


Celine sat on the bed in a farm house in the middle of nowhere. She was crying, screaming for help but no one could hear her. She was in the middle of nowhere. The house was surrounded by a bush. She didn’t even have an idea what area she was in. Charles blindfolded her thirty minutes after leaving the city. They drove for five hours until the car pulled over to a house and he dragged her inside.
Celine stood up from the bed and went to the window. She opened it trying to see possible ways of escaping. As she was looking around, Charles walked in.
“How do you like our new place? I know it’s not much but we will make it a home together.”
“Charles, why are you doing this?”
“I told you honey. I love you and we are meant to be together. You know that.”
“Charles, I am scared and lost. How is this a great start to a relationship? You know I don’t love you.”
Charles moved closer to her and hugged her. “Sshhh. Don’t say that. You are sounding like my parents who left me at the orphanage when I was six months old. I know you don’t mean that because you love me. I will take care of you. You just need to trust me. I will let you rest now so you can feel more relaxed in the morning. Maybe then we can consummate our relationship…and please don’t make me upset. Bad things happen when I am upset. I’ll leave you to rest now.” He walked to the door and turned back to her. “One more thing, don’t try to run away. This place is dangerous. There are no people around. Who knows what you might bump into? Be a good girl for me, okay?” He walked out of the room and locked it.

Celine sat on the floor, crying. In a few hours she was about to be raped by a psychopath. She was helpless. What was she going to do? Just when things where getting better with her husband and her marriage was getting back to normal a monster appeared to take away everything she had worked hard for.

Celine sat on the floor the whole night, praying to God to perform a miracle. She didn’t know how but all she needed was a way to escape this nightmare. Time went by quickly. Before she knew it, the sun started coming up. She lifted her head from her lap and looked at the window and chills went down her spine. There was someone outside, watching her. It was still dark outside and she couldn’t tell if it was Charles or somebody worse, a burglar. She looked closer and saw features that were too familiar to her. It was Cheza. She went to the window and opened it. Cheza climbed into the room quietly and the two held each other. They cried at the sight of each other.
“I am going to get us out of here, okay? I am sorry it took me this long.” He whispered.
“Baby, you have to be careful, he has a gun.”
“Don’t worry, okay. I will get you out of here.”
“How did you find me?”
“Well, Mr. smartie-pants over there forgot to leave your phones far from here. I went to get the phones traced and this location popped up.”
Celine hugged Cheza. She was crying and shaking. God sure did work out a miracle really fast.
“Now listen, here is the plan. I need you to call him in here. I will hide behind the door. Make him think you have changed your mind and you want to be with him. I will hit with that metal thing on the floor. Okay?”
“Alright. Please be safe. I still need you.”
Cheza took her chin in his hands and kissed her. “I am not going anywhere.” He said.

Celine called out for Charles as planned and he came into the room.
“Do you have to come with a gun all the time?” she asked.
“You keep on annoying me. I have to walk around with it now.”
“Can we talk?” She said in a seductive voice.
“Of course. What is bothering my bride?” He said.
“I wanted to apologise for how I have been acting. I have realized you are the one I want to be with. You are strong, you are handsome and everything I have ever wanted in a man. Please forgive me. Let’s start over.” She moved closer to him and held his hand.
“I am glad you have come to your senses.” He moved closer to her and leaned in for a kiss. Just then. Cheza knocked him down with a metal rod.
“You thought you were going to kiss my wife again? You bastard!” He hit him over and over again until he lay on the ground.
“You dog! This is my wife now! We are meant for each other!” Charles screamed. While trying to get up. Cheza hit him again. This time until he was unconscious.

“I don’t want to kill him.” He said as he dropped the rod. He went to Celine and held her close to him.
“The police will be here any minute. I sent them the location already.” He said.
“Look out Cheza!” Celine screamed. Charles was on his feet with a gun pointed at Cheza.
“Baby dodge!” Cheza said as he tried to get the gun from Charles. Unfortunately, Charles fired the gun and shot cheza’s left arm.
“I told you to never make me angry. Look what you made me do!” Charles said.
As he finished saying that, shots were fired from outside. Charles was hit. He was on the floor with a bleeding leg. The police broke into the house and handcuffed Charles.

Celine dropped to the floor crying. “Are you okay Cheza?! Cheza! Somebody help him!”
The paramedics came into the room and carried Cheza to the ambulance. Celine got in and sat right next to Cheza.
“You will be fine baby. I promise.” She said with tears running down her face.

Cheza was rushed to the ER as soon as they reached the nearest hospital. Celine was also taken to another room for examinations. They had to make sure she was okay and she didn’t suffer any injuries. Doctors insisted they performed the necessary tests to ensure she was fine. They told her to wait for a couple of hours for the results. She was then taken to the women’s ward where she was given clean clothes to wear after taking a shower.

After freshening up, Celine went to wait for Cheza. After hours of waiting to see her husband, they allowed her in.
“Baby. Are you okay.” She said.
“I am fine.”
“What were you thinking?! The man had a gun and you walked straight towards him?!”
He chuckled. “Baby, I am fine. Really I am fine. The doctor said I needed to take it easy until the wound heal. Other than that, I am fine.”
“Thank you. For everything. I love you so much. I never want to leave your side ever again.” She hugged him and kissed him.
“I love you more.”

“Sorry to interrupt.” The doctor said as he came in with papers. “I know you both need to spend time with each other after what you just went through. The test results came back, Celine. Everything is fine.”
“That’s great news.” Cheza said.
“However I need you to go home. A woman in your state deserves to rest after such a traumatic experience.” The doctor continued.
“A woman in my state? Celine said.
“Yes. You are one month pregnant.”
Cheza and Celine couldn’t believe their ears. They were going to be parents!
“Are you sure?” Cheza asked.
The doctor laughed. “I am very sure.”

“My baby is having my baby.” Cheza said with the biggest smile. “Come here.”
Celine hugged Cheza. Tears rolling down her face. Everything was back to normal and better.

****The end****

Silenced pain💔 (A short story on female genital mutilation)

Kazanji looked to the sky as her legs were pulled by the village mothers. At this point, she knew her body was about to change. She looked to her left and saw her best friend in tears, screaming for help, asking the heavens to save her from the excruciating pain she seemed to be going through. Kazanji looked to the heavens again. This time with tears in her eyes. She knew she could not get out of this horrific situation she had found herself in.

“Bring the razor blade! I’m ready to start with this one.” One of the women shouted as she knelt right in between Kazangi’s legs. Kazanji tried to pull her legs back together but the two women holding her legs were too strong. At this point she started wailing. Asking the women to change their minds and have mercy on her. It was at this point that she now yelled out to the heavens, questioning why she was born female. To her, it was the worst punishment ever. There was no rest for the girl child, for the woman.

The woman with the razor blade told Kazanji she would start slow. She started fondling Kazanji’s most private part. Pulling her in all sorts of directions. According to the women, every woman would not be complete without doing this. It was a must. It had to be done with no questions or a choice.
Kazanji lay helpless as the women began to sing songs and ululating as though it was a celebration. The ululations became louder when the kneeling woman picked up the razor blade. Kazanji knew where it was going to be used on her and she cried uncontrollably. “Please don’t do it!” She cried. “I am just a child!” Kazanji was just a child. She was five years old.

The woman about to cut a piece of Kazanji she would never get back developed deaf ears as she only seemed to be geared to complete her task. With one stroke, she cut a piece of Kazanji. With no mercy. Just cold eyes. Kazanji cried out. She called for her mother but to no avail. She tried calling for her father but he too didn’t seem to hear her. She had never felt this extreme pain before. It was the worst pain any eight year old could ever experience. Unfortunately, the women were not done with her yet. Kazanji felt every cut, every scrape, every contact she had with that razor blade. With every cut, a gush of blood came out of her.

After the woman finished with Kazanji, she looked at her face. This time, she seemed to have some sort of remorse. She looked at Kazanji’s face and proceeded to look at her bleeding area. She never wanted to be the woman she had become. She looked at Kazanji and saw a girl who reminded her of herself. She remembered lying down on the ground, tears rolling down her eyes and being cut. She remembered crying out for help but to no avail. She thought she would grow up to be a woman that would help other children. She wanted to save other little girls from that torture. Unfortunately for her, her culture had other plans for her. There was no choice but to join the masses otherwise she would have been considered an outcast and unruly. She had no choice but to accept what her culture threw at her. And there she was. Ripping girls of something they would never be able to get back. Scaring them physically, emotional and mentally. She looked at Kazanji and felt a tear come down her face. She quickly wiped it off. She had to be tough and cold to complete her tasks. She stood up and moved to the next victim.

The women holding kazanji’s legs looked at her and welcomed her to womanhood and went on to the next girl. She remained there looking to the heavens. Tears rolling down her face. This was what womanhood was all about? Pain. Suffering. No voice. No choices. No freedom. She wondered what else she would have to go through just because she was born female.
She looked at her friend and they just lay there, staring at each other with tears rolling down their faces. Kazanji reached out her hand to her friend who quickly put out hers as well. They didn’t say any words to each other. They just lay next to each other, bleeding while holding hands. Maybe that is how they would overcome the troubles they were facing and would face just for being born female.

Product review: Dove beauty cream bar💜

Product brand: Dove

Product name: Dove-beauty cream bar

Weight: 100g

Price: Varies from K10 to K16

Dove beauty cream bar.

I have shared in my previous posts that I have VERY sensitive skin. This makes it very hard to find products that will not only work but also not make me have a breakout.

I came across the beauty cream bar a few years ago. I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. Well…😏 I used it the first time while praying to God that I should not wake up with pimples and rash.

Let’s just say, I have never regretted using dove soap. Of all the soaps in the world, there are only three types that my face ‘accepts’, dove being one of them. It’s really gentle on skin. I have used baby soap and my skin would react in hours (I am not exaggerating). That’s how gentle the soap is.

To make this post really educative, here are pros and cons of this soap:


*It is very gentle on skin.

*It is very affordable.

*It lasts long. I only buy it once a month. But then again it depends on how you use it and how many times you shower (hehehe). I use it twice a day. In the morning and in the evening.

*It doesn’t have a strong scent.

*It really does work. My skin has been more moisturized since I started using it. It really is a beauty cream bar.


*It leaves you skin silky immediately after using it and when rinsing yourself. This might not necessarily be a negative thing, I don’t mind it to be honest. It makes me feel beautiful. But, if you like your skin doing the ‘grrr grrr’ sound(i don’t know how else to describe it) when touching it after a bath/shower then you might not like this fact.

*I don’t know about other areas, but, It is very hard to find in shops. Very few stock the soap where I live. There are specific supermarkets that stock it. The only problem is they are quite far from where I live. Again…this might just be for my area.

There are other types of dove soap that I have tried. The other one that is a fav is the ‘purely pampering coconut milk’.


This one is just as good as all of them. This one will make you feel like you just came from the spa. It has a beautiful scent! My gosh 😍