Dear woman,

Marylyn 20180301_193413.jpg

You are beautiful.

You are strong .

You are worth more than the most precious stone.

You are one of God’s most amazing creations.

You are the best juggler there is. You juggle different professions on a daily basis.

You are a mother, to children born of you and those around you. You are a teacher, a doctor, the home keeper, a friend, a sister, a companion.

Your worth is incalculable.


With you and through you, life begins. You carry your child inside you. You are then faced with excruciating pain.

Yet you are a source of joy and wisdom for many.

You are blessed. You are a wonder that cannot be explained.



Do not let anyone put you down.

You are beautiful.

You are gorgeous.

There is nothing wrong with your features. You were carved by angels.


Smile💋 💋

Laugh 💕

Dance 💃

Thrive 💪

You are beautiful. Tell yourself that, believe it and watch how you’ll glow. 🌟

You can do anything. Believe in yourself.



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